Gun Review: Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle in .308 Win The solid, stainless-steel bolt operates efficiently.

Gun Review: Ruger <a href=""></a> Gunsite Scout Rifle in .308 Win The solid, stainless-steel bolt operates efficiently.

Relating to Col. Jeff Cooper, a rifle that is scout-concept be magazine-fed, bolt action, chambered in a full-powered rifle caliber, reasonably short-barreled, and made to run iron places or a low-zoom intermediate-eye-relief scout scope mounted in front of the action. Ruger’s Gunsite Scout Rifle in .308 Winchester checks all of the right boxes. It’s a handy, tough package that is little’s similarly in the home searching deer, supplying self-defense for the homestead or fending down a North Korean intrusion (Wolverines!).

The solid, stainless-steel bolt runs efficiently. It unlocks and cocks with no hassle.

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Drawing that Mauser-style, controlled-round feed bolt to your back puts that big ol’ extractor working. Convinced it might draw the . . . well, it hangs on tightly, that will help the ejector that is fixed those empties all up in your range neighbor’s business.

The Gunsite Scout’s wood that is gray/black stock fools nobody along with its almost-like-the-real-thing figure (grain), but we occur to like appearance of laminate. Moreover it provides more climate opposition than an excellent little bit of ex-tree without weighing the 7.1-pound rifle down.

Utilising the included spacers one could adjust the length-of-pull easy from 12.75″ to 14.25″. To allow for the sling — a mandatory element of a scout rifle — the Ruger Gunsite Scout sports a swivel stud at the leading and back. (A light Ching sling will be good.)

Ruger adorned the sporter-style hold and forend with laser checkering. It appears great from a few foot away with no one could claim it really isn’t practical. [ED: just as if they might!]

A flash hider trips in advance — regarding the 5/8×24 muzzle threads — willing to accept the .30-caliber suppressor of the option. Or, try one of those brakes that are muzzle allow everyone else know what’s up.

The Ruger Gunsite Scout’s all-black, shielded front sight is serrated to avoid glare. It’s dense enough to be easily noticeable through a corner peep/ghost ring however it’s perhaps not the long-range or precision shooter’s very first choice. Positive thing minute-of-bad-guy/deer at a hundred or so yards could be the level of the scout rifle’s precision demands.

Whenever it is time for a refill, push the flappy paddle ( comparable to that particular on the Mini-14) beneath the front side associated with trigger guard ahead to discharge the single-stack, 10-round box magazine that is detachable.

A three-position security sits from the right associated with the Ruger Gunsite Scout’s bolt sleeve. All of the means ahead also it’s ready to fire. All of the real means straight straight back, locked in to the groove when you look at the cocking piece, is full-on safe. In this place the bolt is locked, the shooting pin is obstructed, therefore the trigger is disengaged/blocked. In between“fire and“safe”” is just a load/unload notch. It stops firing while nevertheless letting you manipulate and/or get rid of the bolt.

The Ruger Gunsite Scout’s trigger is a welcome surprise for a “battle” or “survival” rifle. Brief on creep with a break that is fairly clean it looses rounds downrange at a locks under 5 pounds stress. Two months on Nutrisystem (or Haribo gummy bears…read the reviews) — say 2 pounds worth of the diet — wouldhurt n’t. But once again, for the Gunsite Scout’s meant usage (i.e., shot from a bipod, perhaps maybe not shot from an escape) it is dead-on ideal.

If you’re therefore inclined, however, the Gunsite Scout is plenty comfortable shooting from an escape anyhow. With only a 2.5x red dot, shooting 168-grain Federal Tactical TRU, perhaps not handloads, the Ruger Gunsite Scout switched in groups hovering across the 1.3 MOA mark.

Gorilla Ammo’s 175-grain Sierra Matchking load shot likewise, delivering shot categories of about 1.6 MOA.

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I quickly got all fancy with a few Hornady Superformance 168 grain ELD Match. I don’t think the ogive that is secant well aided by the RGS’ leade angle, and/or the bullets are way too not even close to the lands. The end result: 3.6 MOA from a round which has produced one-lumpy-hole-sized teams out of a couple of other rifles for me.

These teams might have tightened up a little having a higher-powered range connected to the integral range mounts (machined entirely on the solid-steel receiver). If that sounds more your speed, fret perhaps perhaps not, since the RGS receiver is grooved for bands. In reality, the Ruger Scout ships through the factory with a couple of 1-inch bands.

If you choose to get the iron sights-only or standard range path, that part of Picatinny train prior to the receiver is very easily removed to jettison additional weight or offer additional approval for the aim bell.

Through a huge selection of rounds between multiple TTAG authors and a mess of ridiculous optics at ridiculous levels, the Ruger Gunsite Scout performed flawlessly. Also hot and dirty, it went efficiently and shot straight. By way of a classic stock design and a soft plastic buttpad, recoil is practically because comfortable as being a bro’s shoulder pat.

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